Importance Notice – Panorama BI- Deep and Slim Series

2 Additional Screws have now been included to securely keep the optional trim affixed onto the unit while in transit.
To prevent damage, please loosen the screws on either side of the unit, prior to removing the trim from the fireplace

Click Here for pdf and diagram


TRU-VIEW-XL models do not have a protective cover for outdoor installations, instead please adhere to the following instructions:

TRU-VIEW-XL, BI-DEEP & BI-SLIM electric fireplaces are suitable for installation in outdoor areas protected from direct water impingement.

In addition to maintaining the listed mantel and combustibles clearances, a rain protection overhang factor of 1/2 shall be constructed to the front and to each side of the installed appliance.

See illustration below. All wiring connections to line power shall be in accordance with local building code requirements.


Download complete instructions here.


*Amantii recommends that the Panorama Series BI-DEEP and BI-SLIM model installations also adhere to these instructions in addition to using the protective PAN-COVER.


TRU View XL Drill Modifications

Please note that for 3 sided or left side open installations that the cord will have to be relocated by drilling a hole in the back safe drill  area as outlined on this drawing that can be downloaded here.  TRU View XL Drill Modifications Diagram

Should you have further questions regarding this modification, please contact us via our online technical service question form



NOTE:   Changes to the rough wall opening for the TRU-VIEW-XL – all sizes

on page 8 of manual you will find revised rough wall opening measurement WIDTHS ONLY:

W(") D(") H(")
50-TRU-VIEW-XL 53 3/4 14 3/4″ 27 1/8
60-TRU-VIEW-XL 63 3/4 14 3/4″ 27 1/8
72-TRU-VIEW-XL 75 3/4 14 3/4″ 27 1/8
Please find the revised manual – click here:


The warranty has been updated for clarity, consumers are to contact their dealers directly when a warranty related issue occurs. It has also been made clear that Amantii/Sierra Flame Electric is a parts only warranty and that labor and service are not covered as part of it. Changes are effective immediately and will be in future printed and digital versions of the manual.

Warranty – 2016

Inventory levels will now be posted in the dealer login area of Amantii.com each week. Please note that the 2015 levels are not listed, but that we have ample inventory should you require those products.

Effective immediately all warranty claims and parts requests must be detailed on the Parts Request form. This will help our team to ensure the correct part is sent in a timely fashion. Photos are not mandatory but can be very helpful. From time to time Amantii  will request additional photos if required.

February 24, 2016

WM-FM-59-7023-BG / WM-FM-60-7023-BG

There has been a typo on the 2016 Amantii product index. The new Wall Mount Flush Mount model has been incorrectly labeled:

WM-FM-59-7023-BG when it is in fact the WM-FM-60-7023-BG. This has been corrected on the digital version and all future print runs.

On the packaging and manual

  • WM-FM-60-7023-BG

ON short run of product index:

  • WM-FM-59-7023-BG

February 16, 2016

There has been a price correction to a ‘typo’ on the March 1 price list.
The WM-FM-48-5823-BG-ICE – 48″ Flush Mount Fireplace on page 1 was erroneously listed at $1499.00
it is in fact the same price as the WM-FM-48-5823-EMBER at $1449.00.

November 25, 2015


Orders received after 10 AM PST on December 22nd
will be processed the week of December 28th

Closed December 23,24,25,26,27
Open December 28,29,30
Closed December 31
Closed January 1
Open for 2016 January 2

November 13, 2015

Effective immediately
Amantii has revised it’s Order Policy, and introduced a new Returned Goods Policy. Please review the forms and speak to your representative if you have any questions.

November 12, 2015


Please note the warranty has been updated. Click here to view latest warranty. http://amantii.com/forms/Amantii-Warranty.pdf

October 19, 2015


Only the DEEP models of the Panorama Series come with a log set. The tray in the SLIM 6 3/4″ model is too narrow to accommodate the logs. There is in circulation a number of 1st edition brochures that incorrectly state that a log set comes with the SLIM units. This has been corrected and future printed versions of the brochure are accurate.

The correct information has always been found on the website as well as the price list. Amantii reserves the right to make changes to its products without notice.

October 18, 2015

BI-50-FLUSHMT Series


Rolling change effective immediately to the appearance of the BI-50-FLUSHMT Series. The newest generation of models will no longer have three slots in the front of the glass surround. The new design has one slot that is centered at the front bottom of the glass. The on / off switch is located to the left of the slot behind the front glass.


More repair manuals have been added to the dealers area for Advanced Series Wall Mount / Built-ins and Panorama series models.

July 2015

Updates to all Panorama ‘SLIM’ models

At Amantii, we are constantly making improvements to our products in order to achieve the very best in appearance and quality. Most often these changes do not affect technical specifications, however we have made a change to our Panorama Series ‘SLIM’ models that we felt it necessary to advise you on. In order to generate a more robust flame appearance the depth of the unit was increased by 3/4″. The ‘Slim’ models are no longer 6″ in depth and are now 6 3/4″. The depths of all ‘Slim’ shipping cartons will also increase by 1″. These changes are reflected on all widths of Panorama ‘Slim’ models shipping AFTER July 15th only.

July 2015

Retired Model

– WM-BI-76-8221-BLKGLS
Please be aware that we are out of inventory of the Advanced Series model WM-BI-76-8221-BLKGLS. We are retiring this model from our line so please remove it from your offerings and remove and sell your display model. We recommend that you suggest to consumers the Enhanced Series WM-BI-72-8123 in its place.

June 2015

Fire & Ice and Panorama Series model Modifications

We no longer use the mirror in the back of the unit and have gone to a darker non-reflective material. We have done this to change the look of the flame, and this gives the flame a much bolder appearance. The current stock we have on hand in our warehouses has the modification completed so we would appreciate your assistance with updating your showroom models so that customers are seeing an accurate flame. Please request the new part asap.

June 2015

Important – regarding circuit board replacement on the DEEP and SLIM Panorma models

When replacing the circuit board on a Panorama series model, the remote control also must be replaced.

 May 2015

Model number accuracy when ordering

Please make sure when placing an order that you have taken the correct model and description from the most current price list.

April 2015


Vivedecor.net is not an authorized e-dealer for Amantii products. The pricing they are advertising is incorrect and does not conform with Amantii policies. Amantii products are not authorized to be sold below MSRP and for this reason Vivedecor.net can not purchase product to sell.

Amantii strongly cautions consumers to not place an order with Vivedecor.net for Amantii products. Amantii Dealers are under no obligation to ‘match’ vivedecor.net’s pricing and are encouraged not to as it is in violation of Amantii’s policies.


Flames and flame colors on the website may appear differently in real life. To view the most accurate representation of the FIRE & ICE® flame and our regular flame sets, please visit your nearest dealer.

We reserve the right to update products, specifications and dimensions are subject to change. Please refer to the product manual to verify measurements and clearance requirements. All local building codes must be followed.