Warmth, Warmth and More Warmth


Outdoor Warmth Year Round Have outdoor warmth, whatever the time of year. It's worth considering an outdoor patio heater from Schwank. Naturally, they'll extend the use of your outdoor living space in colder seasons, but they can also be a fabulous addition for summer evenings, to keep the chill away. Schwank Outdoor Patio Heaters [...]

Warmth, Warmth and More Warmth2022-05-25T16:43:26-07:00

Get More Patio Time with Schwank


You can extend the time you get to spend on your patio with a Schwank electric patio heater. No more waiting for the sun to come out, or the weather to get warmer. With a Schwank electric patio heater you can enjoy your patio even when it's chilly outside. Unpredictable Calgary Weather Dolly [...]

Get More Patio Time with Schwank2021-08-06T17:34:55-07:00
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