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Amantii Surrounds Offer Design Versatility


An Amantii gas or electric fireplace can be an elegant addition to any room. Amantii’s versatile mantel surrounds and media options ensure you’ve always got design choices. Whether sleek and understated, or star of the show, an Amantii fireplace is perfect for any project. You can go with the traditional black surround, or you can choose from white and birch surrounds.

White Surrounds are Cool and Sleek

If you want style without spectacle, Amantii’s white surround is perfect for your project. Our understated white glass surrounds offer a modern take on upscale minimalism.

The simplicity of a white surround can be contrasted with an adventurous choice of flame or ambient lighting color. Or, you can have your Amantii fireplace play a supporting role and showcase another feature in your room. With a white surround, the choice is yours.

Get Back to Nature with Birch Surrounds

Birch wood surrounds are perfect for the chic nature-lover. Our birch mantel surrounds are constructed using genuine birch wood and are available in four colors. Now you can explore the great outdoors from the cozy comfort of a beautifully designed interior.

Don’t worry about whether a fireplace fits into the design of your dreams, we have lots of sizes, so you can make it happen. No matter your brand of sophistication, Amantii’s mantel surrounds have you covered.

Birch surround for a woodsy feel

Multiple Media

The choices don’t stop at mantel-surrounds. Amantii also offers a wide range of media for your fireplace tray.

Our tempered fireglass is available in a multitude of colors and textures. Choose your favorite one or mix them for a personalized touch. For a rustic display, choose a log set, such as birch or oak. Embers, stones, and pebbles are available for those who prefer a more subdued look.

Set the mood in your room by combining the color and media options available from Amantii. No matter your aesthetic, with Amantii you can truly make it your own.

Post courtesy of Christine Carpenter