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Outdoor & Patio Heaters

electricSchwank heating systems offer a streamlined, yet effective heating solution for any indoor or outdoor spaces.

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Patio Heaters

Schwank Outdoor Electric Patio Heater – ElectricSchwank

Single & Dual Bulb Models Standard heaters are Stainless Steel Finish – Color Finish Options Available

Schwank Outdoor Patio Heater – bistroSchwank – 2100 Series

Make your patio season last all year long by creating the perfect temperature and comfort level to attract more customers and increase your profits. The competitive price point of our bistroSchwank outdoor heaters makes them a go-to option for restaurant owners.

Schwank Outdoor Patio Heater – supremeSchwank – 2300 Series

SupremeSchwank patio heaters are finished in a sleek black that is attractive but unassuming. They are available in a 2-stage option for high and low heat settings. These outdoor patio heaters can be mounted either from the ceiling, wall, or post mount and can be tilted at an angle to direct the heat.

Schwank Outdoor Portable or Fixed Mount Patio Heater – parasolSchwank

A heavy-duty commercial-grade outdoor portable propane and fixed mount natural gas portable patio heater. These are low-cost options. The parasol gas heater is built with a durable stainless steel finish and offers an easy to ignite and adjust heat with a turn control.