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The Lynwood W76: Beauty in a Wood Stove


Sierra Flame Lynwood W76 by Amantii is more than a wood stove, it’s a warm and cozy reminder to slow down and enjoy life.

Nostalgic and Efficient

Gone are the days of ineffective wood-burning fireplaces. As homeowners long for a return to the warm, cozy heat of timber, we have the answer with the Sierra Flame Lynwood W76 genuine wood-burning stove. People are falling in love again with the appearance, aroma, and pleasure of a wood fire.

Instead of reading stories on social media, gather together and tell your stories around a crackling fire. Generation after generation has soothed their soul by staring into an orchestra of natural moving flames. The flames dance and urge you to rest your mind, while the warmth of the wood’s intensity penetrates your bones. The infinite diversity in flame hues and shapes is the celestial beauty of a wood fire within your home or cabin.

With efficiency and safety specifications met, there is no loss of tradition in the Lynwood W76. We identify with the heavenly aroma of wood as it stirs old memories and sets the mood for new ones.

Current Viewpoints in Wood Burning

Homeowners today look for eco-friendly and economical appliances. The Lynwood W76 will not disappoint. This model impresses with its minimal ecological footprint at only 1.35 G/Hr. emissions rate. This rating is far below the most recent EPA level requirement for certification of 2.0 G/Hr. See our detailed documentation for more information.

Firewood is a marvelous renewable source. Burning wood is the best way to cut carbon emissions as logs are a low-carbon source of fuel. The Lynwood W76 received an optimum efficiency rate of 76%. It supports the overall heat output of up to 57,000 BTU/h, and can heat to 2000 sq. ft.

Cast Iron Wood Stove
The Lynwood W76. Beautiful and efficient.

Lynwood W76: Gratifying Effort with Rewards of Bliss

Venture out and collect your own timber or choose the type of wood you prefer to burn (aromatic, long-burning, etc.). In recreating the age-old ritual of stacking wood for cold days, you’re also creating memories. On top of that, it’s a superb form of exercise for all.

Every time you have a natural wood burning fire, you are rewarded with the unique warmth of natural heat. Power outage? No problem. You’ll stay warm, have a cozy light source, and feel protected with your Lynwood W76.

Having a wood burning stove is a lifestyle. Oner that restores the appeal to pull up your favorite chair and curl up with a book, watch a movie or gather with your favorite people.

At Amantii, we believe wood heating serves the purpose of comfort, independence, and considerable savings for the homeowner. We welcome you to the experience.

For those of you who can’t have a wood burner, we also have stand-alone Lynwood electric cast iron stoves with the look and feel of a real wood burning fire.