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Design Your Outdoor Space


The word gather comes to mind when considering designing an area outdoors. Whether with friends and family in the evening or collecting your favorite articles to pour over in the morning sun, we aspire to being outside. Design your outdoor space so that it is enjoyable and feels like home. Amantii offers some creative ideas to inspire you to increase the amount of time you can enjoy outside.

‘Tis the Season to Design!

To design your outdoor space, begin with aiming to create something visually beautiful and a refuge so you can feel enclosed, but also have the view beyond to the natural world. Using the home’s exterior wall, or even a row of potted greenery, will create the feeling.

If you have an outside wall, add a mirror to display more reflecting light in a large area or the illusion of space in a smaller area. Or, try a painted trellis to add texture and to aid in defining a specific area. This could be a fun DYI project for you by painting a color that compliments your flair.

In selecting the seating, consider versatility for either intimate or larger gatherings. Outdoor furniture is available in many comfortable designs, from sectionals to whimsical chairs. Add pillows, throw blankets and a low table scattered with books and the space becomes alluring.

SYM XT electric outdoor fireplace
Symmetry outdoor fireplace

Bring in the Heart with an Amantii Outdoor Rated Fireplace

There is nothing more inviting than a fireplace at the center point of your outdoor area. Once you find the ideal spot for the heart of your space you can assemble your seating to take pleasure in the warmth and ambience of the finish the look.

With open fires falling in popularity due to the smoke, fire control and allowable space, have confidence in knowing Amantii ensures the safety and durability of their outdoor/Indoor rated models.

For an entire view of Amantii’s outdoor collection feel free to browse our site. You may find some other great ideas to help you design your outdoor space.

The SYMMETRY series displays one the biggest glass viewing areas in electric fireplaces. The clean design compliments the appearance with no visible working parts for further basking in the glow of the flames.

SYM-50-BESPOKE Outdoor fireplace
Symmetry Bespoke

The TRU-VIEW series offers a versatile and vibrant, multi-colored flame presentation which is easy to change with the included remote. You can combine flame colors with contrasting canopy lighting for any mood. The added feature of flames with or without heat gives you freedom of use. The Tru-View, named for its 3-sided viewing glass, has the option to choose from 4 installations configurations. We encourage to explore the link provided.

Tru-60 outdoors outdoor fireplace
Tur-60 Made for relaxing outdoors

Happy outdoor season to you all!

Blog courtesy of Tess Corps