Just thinking about a fireplace conjures up feeling of warmth, coziness and a sense of peace.  With our long winters and hectic pace, it’s no wonder these elements are as popular as ever.

As demands for fireplaces grow, so do expectation for style and functionality.  Today’s fireplace have evolved in recent years to reflect more modern and sophisticated tastes.  Discover the best way to make your home’s fireplace hot in more ways than one.

Tru View XL Electric Fireplaces

A sure fire way to impress  your guest is with a see-through fireplace.   See-through fireplaces exude that sensation of comfort while allowing homeowners to ramp up the style factor.   Our Tru View electric fireplaces, available in four different sizes, can be built into a wall or three sided “floating” to provide a more open feel to any space.  Two or three sided fireplaces tend to provide a more transitional and contemporary look.

The options are plenty. Seem more on the Tru-View Electric Fireplace

In the end, a fireplace is a reflection of your style and individuality.  



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