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Gather in Comfort with 2939 Tru-View-XL


Coming home to comfort is paramount in our hectic world. Selecting those comforts is one of the enjoyable parts of being a homeowner. You can choose to install the versatile 2939 Tru-View-XL electric fireplace, indoors or outdoors. Either way the invitation will be the same: come gather and relax.

Remarkable Style in the 2939 Tru-View-XL

The brilliant design that comes with this model of Amantii electric fireplaces is the 3-sided viewing glass which allows it to blend in with the concert of flames and the aura of the colorful media from many angles.

The included 10 birch logs, pay homage to a realistic look complimented with the choice of either the Amantii standard or traditional flame. You can also choose other media should you prefer a different style of logs.

Below in the media tray, you can choose your own arrangement of two colors of authentic glass and two colors of vermiculite. These are illuminated with the built in thirteen color choice of ambient canopy lighting, featured in the 2939 Tru-View-XL.

2939 Tru-View-XL

Time to Relax

On chilly nights, sit back and savor the radiating heat from the 2-stage heater. When you don’t need or want the extra heat, turn the heater off. It creates the perfect ambiance for a night at home or a gathering of friends.

The effortless self-operating remote allows for uninterrupted thoughts and conversations when gathered in front of your Tru-View fireplace. With a tap of a button, you can create the mood you desire.

All the 2939 Tru-View -XL Electric Fireplace needs is a nearby power source. With the ability to heat up to 500 sq. ft. from its production of 4800 BTUs, warmth is a promise.

electric fireplaces

Always a Welcoming Invitation

The moments of connecting one on one with family and friends is cherished. Let the 2939 Tru-View-XL with its beautiful and flexible features be the additional greeting to anyone that comes into the room.

You’ll find the visual of your new electric fireplace outstanding. Built with a clean contemporary style and ease of use, it enhances any part of your home. Come gather in comfort in a space created by you.

Should you want something larger than the 2939, have a look at our other models which range from 30” to 88” wide!

Post Courtesy of Tess Corps