You can extend the time you get to spend on your patio with a Schwank electric patio heater. No more waiting for the sun to come out, or the weather to get warmer. With a Schwank electric patio heater you can enjoy your patio even when it’s chilly outside.

Unpredictable Calgary Weather

Dolly Richards lives in Calgary, AB, Canada; a city where the climate can change in a minute, and often does. Temperatures have been known to fluctuate from -10°C to +24°C (14°F to 75°F) in a single day. And while it’s not common, many locals can remember times when it snowed in July.

Living in such an unpredictable climate means outdoor spaces are only accessible when it’s warm outside. Dolly wanted to make sure she’d be comfortable on her deck year round, so she decided to get two Schwank overhead electric heaters.

Dolly had two ES-3033-24 with the dual bulb option as well as the JM-4325-XX dual duplex surface mount controller with weatherproof gang box and cover installed on her deck.

Schwank overhead electric heater on Dolly's patio

Here’s what she had to say.

“I have a group of friends that go back and forth for dinners and I thought it would be so nice to be able to eat out on the deck. I decided to get the heaters so I can enjoy my deck more during cooler weather. Now that I have these heaters installed my friends can come over anytime and we can sit outside and enjoy each other’s company without getting cold,” she said.

“I got two Schwank electric patio heaters and I love them. They look great, took less than a day to install, and they are easy to use. There’s a switch inside a weatherproof box on my deck and all I have to do is turn it on and when I’m done I just turn it off.”

And that’s how simple it is to enjoy your outdoor space year round.


DISCLAIMER – Blue Flames

Blue flame lights will no longer be available on units built after July 01, 2021. The blue light has been replaced with a bright yellow, orange and red light combination to offer you a more realistic flame effect. We reserve the right to modify and upgrade our product at any time without prior notice.


Flames and flame colors on the website may appear differently in real life. To view the most accurate representation of our regular flame sets, please visit your nearest dealer.

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