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Heaven by the Water with Outdoor Gas Heaters


Imagine an outdoor space with gorgeous views where you can stay warm and cozy all year round. It can be easily done with some outdoor gas heaters.

From Modest to Magnificent

Having an water view is great. With a deck and some chairs it’s a great way to enjoy the view. Add in a Sierra outdoor gas fireplace and some Schwank Supreme gas patio heaters and your deck goes from modest to magnificent!

Sometimes, it’s hard to improve on things like fabulous views. In this instance, the homeowner wanted to be outside as much as possible, but also wanted to be comfortable. They plumbed gas into the area and created a covered space on the deck for the fireplace, which doubles as a place to hang the outdoor Schwank heaters.

Tahoe: Built Tough For Any Weather.

The Sierra Flames Tahoe outdoor gas fireplace was the perfect choice for a fireplace contained within the covered portion of their deck. The Tahoe 450L outdoor linear gas fireplace was built tough to withstand almost any kind of weather.

You can keep the Tahoe 450L with a beautiful steel surround or recess it. This owner opted to recess it and then apply a gorgeous brick facing. (not shown)

Tahoe 450L before stone facing

The beauty of the Tahoe is that it allows for wood framing, and installation is with, or without, a surround. The homeowner decided to go without the surround.

If this gas fireplace were outside and exposed to the elements, it’s easily protected with a stainless-steel cover. This is only used when the fireplace is not in use.

You can customize the Tahoe with other media or choose to use the black onyx fire glass media supplied with this model.

Use Schwank Outdoor Gas Heathers in Any Season

Go ahead, head out to the deck and sit yourself under the stars no matter the season. The supremeSchwank 2300 series heater is exactly what the owner needed for this outdoor deck by the water. Now everyone can keep warm and toasty, even when it is chilly outside.  

Schwank outdoor heaters installed on outside of enclosure.

These heaters deliver more comfort than you may think. With a sleek black finish and your choice of high and low heat settings, it’s perfect for when the weather says to stay inside. These attractive heaters can be tilted on an angle which attached to a wall or post or hung from a ceiling.

The supremeSchwank series comes with flexible mounting options, a patented ceramic tile design and is constructed to the highest quality. There’s even an easy access panel for when you need to service your Schwank.  The supremeSchwank is available in 23,000 BTU/HR, 35,000 BTU/HR and 50,000 BTU/HR models.

The Schwank 2312 and 2313 models use natural gas or liquid propane. However, the supremeSchwank uses only natural gas.

Plan your space and choose the one that is best for you.

Sunset on the water

With views like these, it’s great to have a cozy place to sit, no matter what the temperature. These additions make this deck the place to go when you want to spend time in nature without catching a chill.

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