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Warmth, Warmth and More Warmth


Outdoor Warmth Year Round

Have outdoor warmth, whatever the time of year. It’s worth considering an outdoor patio heater from Schwank. Naturally, they’ll extend the use of your outdoor living space in colder seasons, but they can also be a fabulous addition for summer evenings, to keep the chill away.

Schwank Outdoor Patio Heaters are stylish as well as functional and there are some great choices to get you inspired. Patio heaters are ideal if you are looking for minimal maintenance, with quick and easy warmth. If your perfect space is limited, or you want to add to the warmth of your existing Amantii outdoor fireplace, patio heaters are a fantastic option. They can essentially create a year-round livable space for you, your family and friends. Especially on those cooler nights early and late in the seasons.

Let’s Design!

As you consider deck and patio design ideas, be sure to explore options for outdoor heaters. They will help you extend your deck or patio time, year-round, with warmth and lightning. To give you an extra dose of inspiration, we’ve brought all our favourite outdoor heating ideas together. We even added some extra cozy tips. These modern designs add the perfect finishing touch to a patio seating set-up and really ramp up the homey feel.

The Parasol 4000 Portable or Fixed Mount Patio Heater by Schwank

You’ve probably encountered one these common options for outdoor heating while seated outside on a chilly night at a restaurant or pub.

The free-standing, mushroom-shaped heater is a great option for your home outdoor space.

While it is seen as a commercial heater, many homeowners are using it as one of the most powerful, easy to use heaters in private outdoor spaces.

This understated, yet classy design can be positioned in any area to bring further coziness with heat and a welcoming glow to the surroundings. Place some near your seating arrangement and it will be your favorite spot in no time. Pair it with twinkle lights, an outdoor rug and you have created a magical and enticing scene.



Let’s Explore Overhead Heating from Schwank

Amantii has another perfect option for your outdoor heating, overhead electric heaters.

They provide warmth the moment they’re switched on. They emit a radiant heat that cuts through the air. These infrared heaters are convenient, user friendly and offer the option to be hung or flush mounted into a ceiling.

They can be positioned almost anywhere. Install horizontally and/or high up on a wall or a structure, such as a gazebo or strength enforced trellis. None of the warmth is ever wasted because radiant heat does not get blown away. It is absorbed into surrounding objects like people, furniture, floors and enclosures.


Hang a little more warmth with outdoor insulated curtains to the perimeter of the space. Keep throw blankets and pillows nearby and you are prepared to curl up any time.

Hanging out with friends and family is one of life’s simplest yet greatest pleasures. So make it a reality more often, with the help of an overhead heater. This heating solution is the perfect finishing touch.

Whether you use your outdoor living space for relaxing, entertaining, or both, you don’t want to it to end when the sun goes down.

Post courtesy of Tess Corps