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Introducing the Amantii Signature Series, featuring Optimyst technology patented by Dimplex. The unique Optimyst water-based system generates an ultra-realistic 3D flame effect that, when combined with Amantii’s electric flame, delivers an entirely immersive ambiance.

  •  Warranty – 5 Warranty
  • Opti-myst® Flame Effect Revolutionary ultrasonic technology produces a fine mist to create the illusion of flames and smoke.
  • Adjustable Flame Intensity Control the desired volume of flame to suit.
  • Continuous Water Supply Optional plumbed water supply kit provides continuous operation without refilling water tanks.
  • Zero Emissions – The most sustainable fireplace option; no emissions and 100% efficient.
  • New Concept Combining Flame, Quality, and Sound. A Fireplace with Sound!
  • Install Options Fully recessed or Wall Mounted
  • Speaker and Sound – quality audio delivering a crackling fire sound. Sampled from real fires.
  • Remote control For flame and heater
  • Flame Styles – Two Flame Patterns – Standard and Realistic Flame. Conveniently adjust the flame height and speed using the intuitive remote
  • Intuitive Remote (included) – Colorful Intuitive remote to adjust the flames, temperature, or timer. Patented Thermostatic remote. Can be set, adjusted, and programmed for your fireplace to turn on when you want and at the temperature you want
  • Flame Presentation – State of the art flame presentation: Vibrant, multi-colored state of the art flame presentation – change from Yellow to Orange to Red with just a click of the remote.
  • Energy Efficient – Uses low-energy LED lights for low-cost operation.
  • Heat-free Operation – Designed with the sole purpose of providing a stunning visual fire feature.
  • WiFi App – For complete control from any room. Set the fireplace to turn on before arriving home, or have it turn on automatically when the weather is cold.

Amantii & Optimyst by Dimplex