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Traditional Meets Modern: WiFi and Bluetooth Electric Fireplaces


Imagine coming home and forgetting the troubles of the day by sitting in front of your Symmetry traditional Bespoke electric fireplace by Amantii. Realistic flames lap at logs and heat your space to the perfect temperature. With WiFi and Bluetooth these fireplaces combine traditional looks with modern technology.

Three Sizes to Choose From

The Bespoke Traditional (TRD) electric fireplaces come in three sizes: 44, 38 and 33” wide, which means you can put them almost anywhere. Larger sizes work great in light or larger spaces, which the small models are perfect for cozying up your bedroom or den. As an added bonus, all Bespoke TRD models are also rated for outdoor use, extending the life of your deck or patio space.

TRD Bespoke Traditional and Modern Electric Fireplace
Add a touch of luxury to your room with a TRD Bespoke WiFi controlled electric fireplace

Traditional and Modern: WiFi and Bluetooth

The traditional Symmetry Bespoke models are best described at modern technology with up-to-date features. You can always count on Amantii to build an electric fireplace that has classic design features and is made with quality top of mind.

Install the fireplace where you want it and then the customization begins. Use the included log set to create the realistic look you want. Once in place, it’s time to choose the colour of the flames. You can adjust the brightness and the speed with the touch of a button. There are even adjustable ember bed colours, which means you have thousands of colours to choose from.

The Bespoke line has a few added extras to make your space even more inviting. There are two audio speakers so you can hear the crackling of a fire. If you’d rather have it silent, just turn off the sound. These fireplaces are some of the quietest in the industry. The Bespoke TRD series also has smart room temperature control in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

TRD Bespoke WiFi operated electric fireplace in a bedroom
Modern fireplace in new master bedroom with room to sit by your Symmetry TRD Bespoke electric fireplace with WiFi and Bluetooth.

WiFi Control from Your Phone

To operate your new Symmetry Bespoke TRD you can use the remote or your smart device. Simply download the Tuya Smart app at Google Play or on the Apple App Store.

These fireplaces are WiFi compatible and have Bluetooth connectivity. There’s a timer as well so you can choose your temperature, and have it shut off at bedtime, or turn on just before you come home.

Customize with Media

Your new electric fireplace comes with a design media kit of driftwood, birch or rustic as well as an ICE media kit. All fireplaces also come with a remote, should you decide you want a backup to your smartphone app. There are also optional media you can choose from.


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Best Electric Fireplace of 2021

You don’t have to take our word for it. The Symmetry Bespoke models were voted the best electric fireplaces of 2021 by Stylish Fireplaces.

Warmth and Long Lasting

These fireplaces have two stages of heat: 750 watts for low and 1500 watts for high. With 1500W 5120 BTU you can easily heat at 400 sq. ft. area. The LED light sources come with a 50,000-hour guarantee. That means you could run it eight hours a day for seventeen years. That’s a lot of hours of enjoyment!