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Outdoor Entertainment Season is Here!


It’s that time of year when we get to live and entertain in our outdoor spaces. The right fireplace can make your outdoor entertainment space somewhere you won’t want to leave.

Electric or Gas: The choice is yours

There’s something magical about sitting out on the deck, or in your outdoor oasis, with an electric or gas fireplace as the focal point. With electric or gas, you don’t have to concern yourself with burning permits, chimney cleaning and ash removal.

Amantii has a full line of electric fireplaces for outdoor use as well as our Tahoe gas fireplace. All are perfect for an outdoor entertainment space. Interior designers, home renovators and new home builders appreciate the ease in which these outdoor fireplaces are installed. (See individual fireplace installation manuals for more information.)

Choose the Right Size for Outdoor Entertainment

There are over 100 shapes and sizes to choose from including traditional square shaped fireplace (TRD) and rectangular fireplaces. When you want to match your fireplace to room size, this is the place to shop. Our fireplaces range from 26 to 100” in length, with a variety of depths and heights. This makes finding the right outdoor fireplace is a breeze.

Outdoor electric fireplace

Some prefer a slim fireplace for placement on an exterior wall, which others like the whimsy of having a free-standing fireplace like the 26” cube.

Cube outdoor electric fireplace

When making the fireplace a focal point is important, choose the three side Tru-View series for the relaxation space. Being able to view the dancing flames from three sides creates a special ambiance for home owners and guests.

Tru View Ourdoor use

here are great models to choose from. The slim will fit into smaller spaces and most importantly into 2 by 4 wall construction. The XL model is deeper than the slim and the XTXL has the same depth as the XL with taller glass which gives it a regal look.

Some of the more popular models for outdoor are in the Symmetry series. With a vast choice in sizes, media, and flames, it’s easy to match an outdoor fireplace with the desired outdoor colour scheme.

WiFi and Remote Controlled

The Symmetry 50, 60 and 70 Bespoke series are WiFi and remote controlled which comes in handy when you are just too comfortable to get up. This series also has quality audio which gives off a realistic fireplace sound, sampled from real fires.

SYM Bespoke electric fireplace

Marvelous Media

Once the correct series, size and style is chosen, it’s time to pick out the right media. Many models offer choices between type and style of wood, to the color of the fire-glass. Make sure you look through them all to pick the one that fits your space and style.

14 Piece decorative media kit

Should you have any questions about choosing the right fireplace for an outdoor space, please feel free to contact us.